"Our Mission is to provide excellent services,emphasizing Christian values in all we do."

Trinity Employment Solutions is a Christian Based, Women-Owned Business. With 18 years of recruiting experience, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with all of our clients. We are strategically located in Grapevine to provide service for the entire metroplex. We are dedicated and committed to staying involved in the daily operations. We are and always will be available 24/7 to all of our clients and employees.


Is your company finding it difficult to hire and keep the best employees?
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Why choose Trinity Employment Solutions?

We select the best candidates for your company's openings.


Our clients know that we will do everything we can to see them succeed.


Our Mission is to provide excellent employment services emphasizing Christian values in all we do.

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    Are you looking for Employees?

    Trinity Employment Solutions(TES)has a vast staffing pool of associates who are skilled in full range of office and industrial functions; ready to work when you need them.